DX-300 Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

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Q01 How do I format the internal hard drive so I can record my tv programs?
Answer The unit itself does not have a facility to format the drive. You need to conntact the DX-300 via the USB to your PC, create the partition from Windows and perform a quick format. Then the unit will be ready to use for recording tv or copying files to it.
Q02 I have just purchased a DX-300 and after doing an automatic scan found that all of the SBS channels are missing but all the other channels are fine. They are available using the TVs tuner so signal should not be an issue.
Answer The signal strength is variety depends on time and locations. Sometimes if the signal strength for one station is too weak and the PVR is performing a scanning, it may not pickup that channel. So if the auto scanning procedure has completed and some channels are missing, please do a rescanning after a moment, for example, half hour.
Q03 I have bought DX-300 about two weeks ago on e-bay. For the first week it worked fine. But then a problem came. When I turn it on the menu window is blinking. I can still navigate it, but when I start the movie the screen is still blinking very disturbingly.

If you meet any picture blinking issues, please update the firmware to be the latest version and reset the unit to default factory settings. It will resolve most picture issues.


When I try to disconnect DX-300 with the PC, I keep on getting “ The device ‘Generic volume' cannot be stopped right now. Try stopping the device again later.” message, what should I do?


Close any programs that might be accessing data on the player, including Windows® Explorer. If it does not work, close all programs and wait for another 20 seconds, then try the green arrow icon again. If it still does not work, you should shut down the player and disconnect the USB cable.

Q05 I find new file names and folder names that I never created before or they have strange gibberish names.

Most likely, the player's file allocation table (FAT) has been corrupted. This might be due to the player shutting down (due to low battery power) while reading or writing to your computer by the USB connection. Windows and Macintosh often write extra files to the hard disk such as finder.def or System volume info. These are normal and will not do any harm to the player.

Q06 I used my player to transfer files back and forth between different computers. Will defragmenting the player hard disk do any harm to it?
Answer Defragmenting the player hard disk may be useful after having transferred many files to and from the player. It is never harmful to use the defragment on the player. Make sure no other programs are running while using the Windows® defragment utility. Make sure you have connected the player with the external power adapter during this procedure .
Q07 During power on, why does the TV have a short flashing, blue screen or screensaver?

This is normal, when the system initializes, it will setup the corresponding parameters so it can output the correct video signal to the TV, during the initializing time, the TV will receive incorrect signals or the signals will not be stable and will cause the TV screen to flash, some TV's will treat this as no signal, and will display a blue screen or screensaver.

Q08 Why is there no sound on movie or music playback when using Y/Pb/Pr component output?
Answer Y/Pb/Pr output is a video output only, and does not include sound signals. When using Y/Pb/Pr output, please plug the A/V OUT or the S/PDIF jack to output sound.
Q09 Why are some supported photo formats not able to display in the photo function?

JPEG images have different modes. Images saved as Baseline (standard)” or “Baseline optimized will display. Images saved as Progressive will not function. If you have such images, you will need to use a Photo application package such as Adobe Photoshop to save it to a different mode.

Q10 Why can't the player find the hard disk?
Answer Make sure the firmware is installed correctly, and no system partitions on the HDD were deleted. If hard disc failure occurs, please backup your data and reinstall the firmware.
Q11 Some functions like recording, time shift etc. do not work. What should I do?

If you find some functions do not work properly on the player, please change system settings back to factory default settings.



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