DX-380 Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

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I have set the unit up correctly, scanned all the channels in. When I go to select something to record off the EPG, I always get a "date/time not feasible" error message. What is the problem?
By default, the timezone is set to Auto. For some reason if you leave it on Auto it effects your ability to record off the EPG. Go to setup from the main menu and select the System settings. Select the Time option, on the right select Timezone and set your region up. If you are DEST then you would set it for GMT+11. if you are EST, then it is GMT+10. There is no option for Daylight saving in the unit so you will need to offset the timezone accordingly. Once the timezone is set, also check and make sure your date/time settings are correct. You can either enter them manually from the same section or select Auto to retrieve them from the Antenna.
When I try to disconnect the USB device, I keep on getting “ The device ‘Generic volume' cannot be stopped right now. Try stopping the device again later .” message, what should I do?

Close any programs that might be accessing data on the player, including Windows® Explorer. If it does not work, close all programs and wait for another 20 seconds, then try the green arrow icon again. If it still does not work, you should shut down the player and disconnect the USB cable.

I find new file names and folder names that I never created before or they have strange gibberish names.
Most likely, the player's file allocation table (FAT) has been corrupted. This might be due to the player shutting down (due to low battery power) while reading or writing to your computer by the USB connection. Windows and Macintosh often write extra files to the hard disk such as finder.def or System volume info. These are normal and will not do any harm to the player.
I used my player to transfer files back and forth between different computers. Will defragmenting the player hard disk do any harm to it ?
Defragmenting the player hard disk may be useful after having transferred many files to and from the player. It is never harmful to use the defragment on the player. Make sure no other programs are running while using the Windows® defragment utility. Make sure you have connected the player with the external power adapter during this procedure.
My files have disappeared from the player
Make sure that you browse your files via the correct b rowser mode which means correct filtered view s such as Photo s , Music, or Movies.

During power on, why does the TV will have a short flashing, blue screen or screensaver?


This is normal, when the system initializes, it will setup the corresponding parameters so it can output the correct video signal to the TV, during the initializing time, the TV will receive incorrect signals or the signals will not be stable and will cause the TV screen to flash, some TV's will treat this as no signal, and will display a blue screen or screensaver.

Why when I switch to Y/Pb/Pr 480p, 576p, 720p, 1080i, and 1080p, does the TV screen display an unwatchable picture?

Please check if your TV supports Y/Pb/Pr 480p, 576p, 720p, 1080i, and 1080p output, if your TV does not support, please use the A/V signal display instead, press the TV SYSYEM button on the remote control, then switch the TV's video input to NTSC or PAL.

Why is there no sound on movie or music playback when using Y/Pb/Pr component output?

Y/Pb/Pr output is a video output only, and does not include sound signals. When using Y/Pb/Pr output, please plug the A/V OUT or the S/PDIF jack to output sound.

I cannot get SSID name, the screen always displays: ‘Can't get any SSID!!'
When the WLAN USB Adapter is connected to the player, it needs some time to get initialized. Please wait for about 1~2 minutes and try refreshing the SSID list again.
I cannot see files shared on my computer via Browser->Network menu.

Please check the following items:

•  Connect the player to network and obtain an IP address first;
•  Please enable NetBIOS of TCP/IP on computer;
•  Please check your PC's firewall settings ;
•  Please enable your PC's ‘Guest' account;

Please share the folders which you wish to browse on your PC, and make sure that ‘Everyone' or ‘Guest' has the right to access.
I configured everything correctly, but still cannot get the wireless network or UPnP function to work.

Are you using a firewall such as Norton Internet Security, McAfee Personal Firewall, Zone Alarm, etc. or even the built-in firewall of Windows XP? (Don't forget that Service Pack 2 for Windows XP automatically upgrades your firewall and turn it on by default)
If you have a firewall, it may need to be configured or have exceptions created to allow you to see and communicate with the player on the network. To test if your firewall is preventing network communication (including PING and access shared folders), try disabling it to see if you can connect. If you can connect with the firewall disabled, you may need to add the player to the ‘Trusted' list or configure the firewall for local intranet access. Worst-case, disable your firewall long enough to use the player, then enable it again when done.

I am using the 802.11n Wi-Fi dongle with an 802.11n wireless router, why is the speed still 802.11g 54Mbps and not 300Mbps?
The IEEE 802.11n Draft standard prohibits using high throughput with WEP or TKIP as the unicast cipher. If you use these encryption methods (e.g. WEP, WPA-TKIP), your data rate will drop to 54 Mbps. You may contact the Access Point or router manufacturer to download the latest firmware, or try other encryption methods (WPA2-AES or WPA2-TKIP), or choose to configure an unsecured profile, but this option is not recommended.
Where can I find .torrent files for BitTorrent download?
A lot of torrent sites can be found on the Internet, such as The Pirate Bay, Isohunt.com, TorrentPortal.com, BTJunkie.org, etc. Please take care of the contents you're downloading and their usage, which might cause copyright infringements and violate the local laws.
Why are some supported photo formats not able to display in the photo function?
JPEG images have different modes. Images saved as Baseline (standard)” or “Baseline optimized will display. Images saved as Progressive will not function. If you have such images, you will need to use a Photo application package such as Adobe Photoshop to save it to a different mode.
Why can't the player find the hard disc?

Make sure the firmware is installed correctly, and no system partitions on the HDD were deleted. If hard disc failure occurs, please backup your data and reinstall the firmware.

Some functions like recording, time shift etc. do not work. What should I do?
If you find some functions do not work properly on the player, please change system settings back to default ( Refer to section 3.6 of the manual for changing system settings) .



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